The Kids Club 2 Kindergarten

3-5 year olds

Your child’s learning journey continues here; at The Kid's Club 2

The Kids Club 2  caters for the educational needs of your preschooler up to school age.  The Kids Club is located on 9 Halcione Close in a lovely cul-de sac.  Ample on-site and roadside parking is available. In addition to indoor facilities, the Cate Road location also features a outdoor area with large sand pit, out dorr play kitchen & playground complete with fort and a boat for great adventures.


The Kids Club and Our Aims:

  • To prepare your child for school with participation in a range of activities and a tailored transitional program called B45 (read: before 5)
  • To encourage self help skills and independence.
  • To encourage and develop social skills.
  • To encourage and extend verbal communication.
  • To expose children to literacy and mathematical concepts in many forms.
  • An emphasis on shapes, colours, counting, name recognition and writing, alphabet letters, early writing, and reading skills and establishing a love of reading.

The Kids Club Programmes

Happy Feet Programme

Happy Feet is a fun and active transport preschool programme targeting 3–5 year olds. The programme involves walking, scooting or triking the last 2–5 minutes of the journey to kindergarten.

Happy Feet aims to:

  • Promote 'active trips' to preschool as a safe, healthy and enjoyable transport option
  • Help shape a healthier active future generation
  • Raise an early awareness of the Walking School Bus programme
  • Ease congestion at preschool gates
  • Improve safety on the roads
  • Help reduce air pollution
Read Write Inc Literacy programme:

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The Kids Club

Address: 9 HalcioneClose
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The Kids Club

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Kids Club 2

Address: 9 Halcione Close
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