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Early Literacy – it’s more than just the ABC

Did you know that preschoolers who experience a language rich environment, hear stories and sing songs tend to develop larger vocabularies, become better readers and preform better in school? Did you know that reading proficiently by the end of year 2 at school is considered a “make it or break it” benchmark? Or that 83…

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Thoughts About Mat Time

The only times during our Kindergarten day that we expect all the children to convene together besides meal times is at mat times. In length according to their ages it is the time during which we come together and practice being in a group, raising our voices together, engaging in discussion, making decisions, telling stories.…

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5 Insights Every Parent Needs in 2017

Parenting often feels like a fifty-sided Rubik’s cube, deceivingly simple before you really get into it, but then seemingly impossible to figure out when you’re in the thick of things. Instead of contending with multi-colored cubes, parents find themselves sorting out variables such as their own upbringing, the expectations of others and navigating through the…

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