The Little Learners Kindergarten

Your child’s learning journey starts here; at The Kids Club Little Learners.

Together, your family and our team of dedicated and nurturing teachers, will work in collaboration to build a warm and secure environment in which your littlie will feel at home to explore, investigate, learn and blossom.



Our Aim:

Our aim is to provide you with peace of mind that your littlie is safe and happy, whilst providing a stimulating, educational and fun learning environment. The Kids Club emphasis on language, literacy and early mathematical concepts starts here with our Little learners.

To ensure that your child feels safe and secure, and is surrounded by others his own stage, we have a separate wing set aside for our youngest, not yet mobile children and another for our toddlers who like to run, climb, explore and keep busy!

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Information for Parents about Little learners

Educational Programme

Babies: Our programme is based on consistency and predictability; we aim for a calm but interesting environment which stimulates learning. The children have an inside and outside time and throughout the day are involved in:

  • Tactile and sensory activities (mirrors, painting, touching, feeling, exploring textures)
  • Creative/artistic activities (paint, crayons, drawing)
  • Language activities (books, story time, music, songs, puppets, often joining the older group for mat time)
  • Sorting, posting shapes, building towers, counting.
  • Carpet time (for exploring equipment, puzzles, blocks)
  • Gross motor skill development (dancing, crawling, pushing, pulling)
  • Water and sand play.

Toddlers: Our programme has an integrated focus on language, literacy and early mathematical concepts with children being involved in both individual and group times. The children have an inside and outside time and throughout the day are involved in:

  • Language activities (singing, reading stories, books, telling stories, finger plays, puppets)
  • A short mat time including singing, dancing, listening to music and stories.
  • Finger plays and puppets.
  • Creative/artistic activities (painting, paste, collage, drawing)
  • Activities designed to encourage thinking and problem solving (water, sand, nature, puzzles)
  • Counting, sorting activities
Our Day
Settling in
Bottles, food, nappies & sleeping
Transitioning to the Kids Club

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