Caring Casey – Written by our Kids Club 2 Children

Caring Casey – Written by our Kids Club 2 Children

Caring Casey really likes to look after people at kindy and really likes helping her mum and dad, her younger brother and sister. Casey looks after the family pets, a rabbit, a cat and a dog. Casey also cares a lot about her friends. She is a good friend; she is always willing to help others, especially when they have hurt themselves. She likes to help her friends keep safe at kindy and to help her teachers.


caring casey

Caring Casey, Structured Stevie, Educational Eddie and Fun Frankie each represent one of The Kids Club Values. The crew provide role models and help the children to understand The Kids Club values in their world terms. Our vision is to develop a little bit of Casey, Stevie, Eddie and Frankie in all of our children to ensure well balanced and adjusted children who are socially competent, curious, focused and enjoy life.

Our Vision:

Giving Children The Best start


Our Values:

Caring Educational Structured Fun


Our Philosophy:

The best educational start enables children to grow as confident, competent and contributing adults. At The Kids Club we believe that the best educational start is achieved through:

  • The support of caring, qualified teachers.
  • Building strong, respectful partnerships with families.
  • Providing a structured, educational environment rich in language, literacy and early mathematical experiences.
  • Encouraging positive social interactions.
  • Having fun together!


Our Staff are always caring, professional, organised, and committed to The Kids Club Values and Philosophy.

Our programme always reflects our kindergarten values: Caring Educational Structured and Fun and philosophy emphasis on language, literacy and mathematics.

Our premises, equipment and resources are always tidy, clean and organized and reflect The Kids club values and Philosophy.


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