Giving Children The Best start

The best educational start enables children to grow as confident, competent and contributing adults.


At The Kids Club we believe that the best educational start is achieved through:

  • The support of caring, qualified teachers.
  • Building strong, respectful partnerships with families.
  • Providing a structured, educational environment rich in language, literacy and early mathematical experiences.
  • Encouraging positive social interactions.
  • Having fun together!

Why is The Kids Club the best start for your child?

The Kids Club is a leader in early childhood education, maintaining commitment to quality education through ensuring that all our teachers are qualified, our programmes reflect recent research on best teaching practice and our philosophy encompasses those attributes children will need to succeed in the developing world.

The Kids Club Curriculum

Our curriculum  at The Kids Club is very different to that in most Early Childhood Centres. It has quite definite learning outcomes, things that we would like your child to know, understand and experience. We ask you, our families to help chose our learning outcomes.

What our parents say

“I loved seeing my daughter’s abilities develop, self esteem grow. All the opportunities available, such a trips, art, play and performances.

The strengths of the kindergarten are definitely the school preparation and still allowing kids to be kids- messy play and independence.”

Andrea Phillips

“Great facilities, good planning to meet a broad range of objectives and doing so in ways to cater for all learning styles. Excellent child: teacher ratios!”

Fiona Moore

“We love that Harry has enjoyed every aspect of kindergarten and has been supported, encouraged, extended and nurtured while in your care. We also love that you have provided learning opportunities with your literacy programme. We love that Harry is above and beyond school ready”

Amy Booth

“Structured learning in a safe, educated, happy environment supported by kind staff supporting his growth socially and academically.”

Amanda Townsend

“Children really learn so much while at the same time having fun. It makes them love to learn with so many activities that allow them to use their imagination”

Tanya Kaewkomane

“I love being acknowledged, the fact that there is always time for a story, the friendly faces, great feedback and the way the children are taught. I feel secure that my child who is an individual is valued and taken care of”

Vicki Ooink

“Great teachers, great teacher interaction and caring relationships, learning letters and numbers and word recognition, great location, great resources, great feel!”

Kristie Goodspeed

“Watching her grown and develop and strengthen her friendships with other children and teachers. It is a fantastic building block for school. Her numeracy and literacy has really developed well!”


“Welcoming, personal, educational, supportive. The way the team works together makes it a happy place to be – including art work, activities seems effortless, although I know you all work extra hard behind the scenes!”

Julie Rogers

The Kids Club Curriculum Areas


The Arts

Ourselves & Others


Science & Tech

 The programme incorporates a balance of exploration through play, teacher guided activities and routines, with an emphasis on language, literacy and early mathematical concepts.

During each session the children are encouraged to be involved in learning experiences related to the focus that they are working on. This will include opportunities to join in with singing, music, reading, writing, discussion at group times and to choose inside and outside activities which are planned to extend knowledge, skills and dispositions for learning.

At all times the focus is on the overall interests, needs and lives of the children.

The Kids Club Crew - Introducing Our Values (click pictures to explore)

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